Model: 075

This is apron is made with double reinforcement at front part. The model is made of waterproof fabric called Provendex that is resistant against fats, enzymes, against digestive juices and against light acids and alkalis. As apron is approved by National Institut of Hygiene, it can get in contact with food. It has been designed for using during works at meat and meat processing industry. The apron conforms to EN ISO 13688 and EN 343 standards.

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Provendex
    Weight of fabric:
    220 gram/m²
    0,22 mm
EN ISO 13688 EN ISO 13688

Protective Clothing. General requirements.

EN 343 EN 343

Protective Clothing. Protection against rain.

PZH - National Institut of Hygiene PZH - National Institut of Hygiene

The product is aprroved by National Institut of Hygiene.

-50ºC -50ºC

The product has a good resistace against folding at low temperatures.

Arms apron Arms apron
Elastic band for adjustment of the back Elastic band for adjustment of the back
Reinforcement Reinforcement